I Want Us To Be Remembered

by A House For Lions

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released March 1, 2011

Arranged and Performed by A House for Lions:

Eric McCann on Bass, Keys and Vibraphone
Mike Nissen on Lead Guitar
Daniel Norman on Vocals and Guitar
with Felipe Ceballos on Drums

All Songs by Daniel Norman
Produced, Recorded and Mixed by Raymond Richards
Assistant Engineer; Wendy Wang
Recorded @ Red Rockets Glare Recording Studio, Rancho Park, CA

Pedal Steel Guitar on Come On Let's Go - Raymond Richards
Congas on Come On Let's Go - Ben Jaffe

Cover Illustration by Aislin Ard
Design by Mike Nissen



all rights reserved
Track Name: Let Back
we'll write a book worth reading
we'll pass the test no cheating
but its the curse of living
its always just beginning

can you let back? i can float in back...

and to my friends and lovers
let's get undercovers
could we really go there
and not end up nowhere

to all the new beginnings!
to all the screws unspinning!
Track Name: Come On Let's Go
i don't even know your name
if you wanna go downtown
we could start a whole new band
we could play our songs around
i like to sing

come on to the penny arcade
we can make the lights flash bright
we can make the old bells clang
we could run away tonight
i like to drive

all the mistakes that i made
in the name of escaping the fate
of my family shame on me
for thinking that way
i am just like them and i'm okay
would you love me anyway

maybe when the streets turn red
i can finally be free
if i got a place down south
would you share a bed with me
i sleep to dream
Track Name: Ease My Mind
she was kinda crazy
but then i was just a baby
she stung like the bees
in her mother's garden
she would come on with no warning
flashing summer sheets
we would lay out in the grass
and we'd listen to the sound
of the falling leaves
she saw what i thought
that only i could see
her and me could turn the key

where's that girl gone
i can't find her
i've got trouble on my mind
o kentucky, o virginia, california
ease my mind

if you come back in spring
there will be flowers in our room
and on the window sill
candles like a mirror
of my stubborn will
hollowed out but burning still
there's a key under the mat
if you happen to come back
when i'm asleep
i kept all the letters
that you wrote to me
memorized them easily

there's a free wind on the highway
whispers soft my holy name
there is no place that i'm going to
blood i offer is yours to claim

a stranger once came to me
with a book of hymns
in each one i saw your face
learned the melodies
and then i sang them
on my knees
to find your hiding place
there's a key and there's a map
there are whispers on the path
so i pack my things
just in case i left a little note for thee
i'll be back soon, hopefully

o my mother, o my sister
o my woman, o my child
i will go now
try to earn you
i will leave this rope behind
o kentucky, o virginia, california
ease my mind
Track Name: Evolution Calls
they're gonna tell you, honey
all you got to be
if you don't care how you fall
you can blow off in the breeze

out on the high wire, honey
is where you got to be
when you think you're standing tall
they decide to cut your strings

i found you
i'll eat you alive
buy you
another gift, another crime
wait until your hungry
then you'll wanna play around

hold that candle high
leave this wasted land
i won't fall behind
turn to salt and sand
loosen up that hold
you got to get out
can't you hear that sound
evolution calls!

out on the high road, honey
where you scrapped your knee
cause your heads up to the clouds
and you can't get nothin' free

all of the rules fly, honey
ain't no referee
and there's no one keeping score
every wall is made of doors

hold that candle high
leave this wasted land
i won't fall behind
turn to salt and sand
loosen up that hold
you got to be brave
rise up from that grave
evolution calls!
Track Name: How Many Times
how may times did we open up
your mouth and say something
you didn't want to say but had to
how many times did we open up
our eyes and our legs too
and see if we could do it again
i don't want no one to forget you
i'll hide you tears away inside
this box i keep in my room
i'd be a fool to hold you up or down
you'll be the only one
we'll run into the ground that you love

say that you'll leave but
you ask me for more
leave our doubts outside
the bedroom door
i'd love to take you out
and let you in
forget the consequence
you always win

say that my name is all i have to give
wonder how we are supposed to live
you talk about your man
the mess we're in
if we should sink or swim
you oughta go to him

every night i wait
and as the darkness dissipates
i hope to see your shadow
on my door
got no confidence and you
ain't got no common sense
baby its too late for us for sure

all those things we said
we believed them too
but maybe all those things
just weren't true
you know i still love you
and i hope you love me too
there's nothing left to do